Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent Calendar

A few years ago I picked up this Nancy Halvorsen advent calendar material. It sat around because I didn't have anyone to make it for. Now that grandkids have started appearing, it was the time to sew it up. The kit came with all of the material except for the batting and backing.

There are two borders that are sewn around the Santa piece. After the borders were sewn, the piece was layered and quilted. I just did straight line quilting to keep it simple. Then red buttons were  sewn onto the branches so the ornaments can be hung each day up to Christmas.

The ornaments were the most time consuming. They were printed onto material and had to be individually cut out and then fused onto black felt. The directions stated that the hangers were to be embroidery thread that was glued onto the back of the felt. Instead I placed the thread between the felt and the ornament when I fused the two together. It seemed neater than gluing the thread on. 

Using a kit like this was a lot faster than doing an Advent Calendar from scratch and this one is so cute.

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