Sunday, January 4, 2015


When my kids were babies there wasn't such a thing as a lovey....a soft piece of fabric with an animal head for little ones to love on. I am sure that if my children had loveys they would have worn them threadbare. After all who wouldn't want a lovey! Wanting to make my grandbabies loveys, I ordered a pattern from Abby Glassenberg. She actually has two patterns that make 4 loveys each. Here is the other one. The pattern I received makes a puppy, bunny, bear and kitty.

I made this puppy out of fleece. So soft and cuddly. The pattern is a downloadable PDF. While the directions are pretty straight forward, make sure and read through them as each animal has some different steps from the basic pattern. My order was filled quickly. From another order I know that Abby is easy to reach via email and she answers questions promptly.

I used minky-like material to make the bunny and bear. While incredibly soft, the minky is lighter in weight than the flannel so these loveys were a little "floppier"....I guess that is the best way to describe them. Not like that would matter to a baby. There is a fair bit of hand sewing involved in the construction and the eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered (always a good idea on stuffed toys for babes). I buried my knots when I embroidered the faces after the loveys were completed, but Abby has a good tutorial video on how she does the embroidery before she attaches the head. Her method is a lot easier.

These loveys would make great baby gifts paired with a book. The bunny could be gifted with "Pat the Bunny", "Knuffle Bunny", "The Runaway Bunny and many more I am sure. The dog lovey could go with "Where's Spot?", "Clifford" or "Big Dog, Little Dog". Possibilities for the bear lovey are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", "We're Going On A Bear Hunt", or "A Bear Called Paddington". What could be better than a handmade lovey and book for a little one?

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