Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Table Runner

Looking for a quick and simple table runner? Well look no further. This is a purchased burlap table runner. Any local craft store should have them. I would suggest that you hand wash the runner before doing the printing. Burlap is generally rough and has a bit of a smell. You sure don't want it overpowering all of the delicious aromas from your Thanksgiving dinner.

First decide on the words you want to print on your runner. I cut these letters out using a portrait silhouette machine. You can use any machine or even just print the words and hand cut the letters. Just be sure to use freezer paper. For the portrait cutter I set the cutting depth to 3 and used the Apple Chancery font. After cutting out the letters press the freezer paper onto the burlap. Make sure that it is sealed well especially around all of the letters.

Don't forget to add the centers to the letters like "a", "d" and "k". Otherwise those letters will be solid with the paint. Press those little pieces on well. You don't want them coming loose or slipping while you are painting.

For the printing you will need a tray for your paint, fabric paint and a stencil brush.

Dip the stencil brush into the paint and then dab it onto a paper towel. The brush should be dry and not saturated with paint. Using a straight up and down motion tap the brush onto each letter. A light application is best. You can always go back over letters to darken them, but if you apply too much paint at one time, then you might have bleeding and smearing.

After painting the words then peel off the freezer paper and remove the letter centers. Heat set the paint with a dry iron.

And you have a table runner to adorn your Thanksgiving table. Don't you just love quick projects that have great results?!

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