Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stuffed Doll

I recently made this little doll for my little granddaughter's birthday. She is made out of felt and cotton and stuffed with fiberfill. Her face is embroidered and appliqued. Not only is this little dolly super cute, but she is soft and can be drug around and played with, squeezed and hugged and nothing will break.

I used these directions. A word of warning...there is a fair bit of hand sewing involved. The directions are fairly easy to follow, but do make sure to read through them first. I tacked on the shoes so they wouldn't fall off and get lost.

When you cut out the arms and legs, draw around the pattern onto your fabric and then sew along the drawn lines. Cut around the lines 1/4 inch from your stitching. Make sure you leave the top open so you can stuff and turn!

It would be easy to turn this pattern into a boy doll...hey boys need dolls too!

This is what the back looks like just in case you were wondering.

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