Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dubois, WY and Sinks Canyon State Park

We drove miles and miles across barren WY territory to get to Dubois, a cute little town. And it is pronounced "dooboyz". Our mission was to catch fish in the Wind River. When we got there the river was at record level highs and fishing was tough. We did manage to catch fish but not a lot. The guys at the fly shop in town told us about the petroglyphs and suggested we check them out. So we did. They are not specifically marked so you have to hike around and look at a lot of rocks to find them.

I don't know how many there are. Some of them are hard to make out so you have to really look.

Here is a little more information on these fascinating archaeological remnants. The most remarkable thing is that none of these ancient drawings have been defaced. Why do people have to do that anyway? Hopefully they will remain this way for many more generations to find and wonder about the people who drew them.

A pretty view of Trail Lake. We went on up the road to fish Torrey Creek...absolutely rotten luck there and I guess that is how it is. Either you have fantastic fishing or nothing...zip, nada, zero! Be prepared to bushwack to get to the stream. (Note to self---get a machete!)

All along the Wind River are these gorgeous rock bluffs. Amazing!

On our drive back we stopped in Lander and headed to Sinks Canyon State Park. Wyoming is just amazing. It is a state that for its vast nothingness (and believe me when I say I have seen a lot of that) has some amazing geological phenomenas. One of them is the Sinks. This river is the Popo Agie. It is pronounced nothing like it is spelled. Say "paposhue" will fast and you might come close.

The river flows to this rock mountain.

And it just disappears.

Then on the other side of the rock mountain it pops back up. Scientists don't know what happens to the river while it is going through the rock mountain or the route it takes, but they do know that it takes 2 hours for it to reappear. How do they know this? They put dye into the upstream end and waited for it to come back out at the rise. Those are fish down there.

Humongous fish. And no you can't fish there! But they sure are cool. Wild Wyoming has some fascinating places to explore.

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