Monday, August 4, 2014

Flannel and Minky Blanket

This blanket is so soft and cuddly I kinda want to make a larger size for myself. Soft flannel  surrounded and backed by luxurious minky...who wouldn't want a blanket like that?

 This little guy really likes his new blankie. He also agrees that it is super soft and cuddly.

I used this tutorial to make the blanket. The tutorial includes great tips for working with minky which isn't the easiest fabric with which to sew. I would recommend pre-washing your fabrics so there aren't any surprises when you wash the blanket later. The flannel piece is cut smaller and the larger minky backing is brought forward on all four sides to frame the flannel. Measuring your fabrics precisely is important to avoid puckers when sewing the two fabrics together so take your time and make sure your fabric is laid out straight on a hard surface. Even though it seems like the corners won't work, they do come together if you follow the directions.

If you wanted to make an easier version of this blanket, cut the two fabrics the same size. Put the right sides together and stitch 1/2 inch around the edges leaving an opening of 6 to 8 inches. Turn fabrics right side out and press out the seams. Slip stitch the opening closed and stitch around the blanket 2 inches from the edge. You won't have the minky border framing the flannel with this option, but what little person is going to care about that!

And as a added bonus the blanket can always be used for some fun peek-boo-games!

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