Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vancouver Part II

On their webpage is the following quote "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by places and moments that take our breath away." Great quote and the garden is very beautiful; right in the middle of Chinatown in Vancouver.

The garden depicts yin and yang in its elements. While having energy there is a quiet, contemplative feeling at the same time. If only I could translate this into my garden...sigh!

The Chinese also practice something like Bonsai called Penjing. The principles are a little different than Bonsai.


This is the view from the bridge. There are lots of people on it crossing back and forth and it sways and rocks and much so that even when you get off of it you feel like you are still swaying.

It is really lush in the rainforest. Lots of trees and plants and water.


The view of Vancouver from the tram going up the mountain. You can also climb the mountain to the top also called the "Grouse Grind" as it is almost 2 miles with an elevation gain of 2800 ft. Now that is steep! Your quads will be screaming for sure.

At the top we watched a show called Birds in Motion. It is put on by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy and featured a hawk, a vulture, an eagle and a mama owl and her baby. This is the baby.

There are also two grizzlies in residence on the mountain, Grinder and Coola. They were rescued at different times as cubs, but they ain't so little now. And this is as close as I ever want to get to seeing a grizzly.


On the rainiest day we were in Vancouver, we rented a tandem bike and rode around Stanley Park. While it was wet we were prepared with rain coats and rain pants and had a great time. We stopped in at the Teahouse Restaurant hoping to get tea and scones with clotted cream. No such luck they don't do teas and scones even though the name would imply such. I did get some hot tea and hubby got a glass a wine and we shared a cheese board with sides of antipasti, olives, smoked salmon and sweetened onions...which were really good.

This sculpture greeted us as we entered the park. It is an inukshuk which was used by the Inuits for various things like marking navigation routes, memorials, migration routes.

And that ends our tour of Vancouver. Hope you enjoyed the sights!

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