Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vancouver, British Columbia Highlights

We recently had the opportunity for a get-away to Vancouver. The people are so friendly and hospitable and the city is beautiful.

Whale Watching...well we were actually in US waters, but we got there from Vancouver. There is a pod of Orcas that are year-round residents in this area. That is very unusual for most whales. This pod is very well protected as you might imagine. It was hard to get a photo of the whales as they surface for a short time and are underwater for long periods, coming back up miles away from where they went down. Because of US regulations we couldn't get any closer to them.

So this next one isn't a whale. This poor sea lion was the last one left. All of the others had migrated on. Seems he didn't find his true love and was so beside himself he couldn't muster the energy to leave. Notice the forlorn look on his face? Poor guy.

Granville Island Market

Butchart Gardens High Tea Lunch

Butchart on steroids. It's amazing what rain and a temperate climate can do.

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