Friday, June 1, 2012

Round Tablecloth

I sewed this tablecloth for my daughter's dining table. She selected this material. Spoonflower is a neat site as you can create your own fabric design and have it printed up or you can do as we did and order any fabric that has been designed. It is a cotton voile and a nice material, however, the printing of the design left a lot of white space on the top, bottom and edges that I had to work around...especially when I was trying to match the design. The other problem was that on the order form it said that the material was 58 inches wide but it actually came out to be only 44 inches wide. Luckily I had over estimated how much material I would need so I had enough for this tablecloth. 

I am not sure how the printing will hold up with successive washings. I did prewash it before sewing and had no color bleed so hopefully it will not fade over time.

Making the tablecloth is easy and these directions help with figuring out the yardage and the construction. Even if you are a beginning sewer you can make a tablecloth.

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