Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

With warmer weather little T needed a new spring jacket. Daughter picked out the fabrics and I sewed up the little jacket.

The jacket is fully lined.

Little T looks so cute in it. He likes his new little jacket!

Even though it has a hood I added a little hat to go with it.

Source for the jacket:

Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner
The jacket was fairly easy to sew even though it has a lining. Suggested tips: when sewing the sleeves stitch a basting stitch along the top and gather slightly. This will help when they are inset. I had to fiddle with the button placket to get it positioned correctly.  The other thing that I should have done was to lengthen the jacket and the sleeves. For a 12 month size the length is a little short. It is a good thing this is a spring jacket as T won't be wearing it for too long.

Source for the hat:

Little Stitches for Little Ones by Amy Butler
This little hat was not easy to sew. Suggested tips: when cutting the lining reduce the size. The pattern directions say to cut out the hat, fusible fleece, interfacing and lining all the same size. By the time the fleece and interfacing are added the lining is too big to fit. I ended up sewing and then ripping out to adjust the lining. I also would not put the fusible fleece in the side panel if I were to make this hat again. The hat is for 12 months but it is too big for T's head. I used a 5/8 inch seam instead of 1/2 inch so the hat didn't come out ginormous in the crown. It would be easier if I had little T to check the sizing out but since I can't do that I have to guess. One final tip when you are sewing the lining to the exterior fabric make sure that the bill of the hat is tucked in between the lining and the exterior fabric. Mom

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