Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Caddis

A friend recently celebrated a special birthday and in honor of that I had to create something extraordinary. Since he is a fly fisher it seemed that a fly was in order...but not just any fly. Nope, this was a job for Super Fly! The fly of choice was a caddis....SUPER CADDIS.

I had to be creative with materials as this wasn't an ordinary size 10 or 12 fly but more like a -1 or maybe a -5. This called for materials that were beyond the regular fly tying materials. Check out the bottom section that is in the vice. Yup that is part of a hanger. That became the "hook".

I used yarn for the body, a fringey type yarn for the dubbing and a copper jewelry wire for ribbing the abdomen. The wings, which usually are made from elk hair, called for a special fiber. The best choice turned out to be the straw from a whisk broom and the head was made out of perl cotton thread. I shaped the eye of the "hook" by bending it into a circle.

And there you have it...Super Caddis. Guaranteed to catch a fish that will be a whopper in any fish tale!
Tight lines, Mom

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