Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's A Circus

Mr. T had a birthday and the occasion called for some fancy pants. The theme for the party was Vintage Circus so....

Every well dressed fella has to have a bow tie. Ahhhhh what a face! Gotta luv it!

The cake just wasn't being served fast enough! But a rubber ball, really???

The pants and bow tie are made from Michael Miller Big Top in Blue and the cuff is in Michael Miller dumb dot. The pants pattern was based on Handmade Beginnings quick change trousers. Instead of lining the pants I added a cuff by measuring the leg opening and cutting the cuff that width plus the seam allowance. Then I just cut the height to my desired height times two. Fold the cuff in half with the right sides facing out. Place the cuff over the pant leg with the raw edges together and stitch the cuff to the leg opening with the right sides together. The bow tie is from this tutorial.


  1. LOVE the pants and bowtie! I think the adorable model helps, too! ;-)

  2. The model is pretty cute...he looks a lot like his gammie!