Thursday, December 17, 2009


We have a new pet, Roxie! I think he is a boy but Foxie Roxie is a name I couldn't resist. He thinks that this is his yard. He has moved in under a bay window and dug out a hole for himself. Luckily he has been careful and not disrupted any plants. I tried filling in the hole several times but he is a persistent bugger. I happened to walk past the window and spotted him perched on a rock with his eyes half-closed basking in the sun. Taking a photo through the window I caught him in the middle of a yawn...what a life!

Hmm..what's that! My movement must have caught his attention. He turned to see what might have disrupted his peaceful respite. I must say he has a beautiful coat. With the cold weather we were experiencing, it is full and lush.

Just too much activity around here for any napping! Shortly after this picture I tried to get closer to the window for a better shot. He caught sight of me and turned on his heels, ducked under the fence and headed off where he could relax without so much interruption!

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