Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Ornament Memories

It takes me a couple of days to decorate my tree. It is filled with special memories with all the ornaments. I store my ornaments in old metal lunch boxes. They are categorized by who makes them. Some of the older bulbs came from my Mother's tree. No one wanted them when she offered them so I became the proud owner of them. Many of the ornaments were made by our kids. The boys made space ships, God's eyes, race cars. My daughter contributed angels, trees and stars. One box is especially used for Grandkids offerings. Clay baked candy canes, ballerinas, horses and a Santa. Most of the ornaments are hand made which make them a one of a kind. Each child, grandchild and special person who contributed to our tree is remembered. It is a fun time as I remember unwrapping special hand made ornaments when we opened our packages and my kids saying "Do you like it Mom"? These are good memories. Have a Merry Christmas. Grandmother

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