Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's the holdup?

As I came home down the busy road to our house, traffic was held up for quite a ways. This road is only a two-way street so when it comes to a standstill traffic piles up. I applied my brakes as the two cars in front of me came to a screeching halt. Luckily I was paying attention as I came up on them and had plenty of time to stop. I could not see what the commotion was, so I craned my neck out the window and saw a young lady directing a family of ducks across the road. She had her work cut out for her as two of the baby ducks did not want to follow mamma and mamma kept turning back for them. Finally an older gentlemen got out of his car and between them they got the duck family safely across the busy road. I had to smile as the ducks waddled off the embankment and slid down to the pond. It made my day. Grandmother

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