Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Undesirable Neighbors

A new house has just been constructed in very close proximity...in an outside corner of my garage. Even though I marvel at the engineering feat of construction of a papery, symmetrical cozy nest, all without lumber, nails or paint, I am not happy with its occupants.
See! Hornets have taken up residence and they are very possessive that this is THEIR territory. One was dive bombing me while I stood poised with the camera. It grazed my hair threatening an all out attack if provoked in any way.
I am not sure how many of these winged stingers have taken up residence, but one thing is for sure their days are numbered. If they weren't such nasty critters, I would let them stay, but they just can't play nice. Now if I can just remember to get out there in the evening to spray while they are all settled in snug in their beds. Mom


  1. read the hornet situation at your home. This early morning went out on screen porch, relaxing on lounger, enjoying another fine day in Caroline.. looked up as a hornet,was scanning under the roof eves that are covered, but found a small entry.
    Sure enough he disappered. Will be stopping a Lowes today, because I'm out of the spray. Spraying about 9:30 tonight.

  2. We get an occasional wasps nest and as long as it isn't near a door and they leave us alone we are cool with that (they keep the bugs down in the garden).

    I'd love to keep bees, but our city says no new bee hives right now. maybe in a year or two.