Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Are Those Moving Bumps?

It's a banner year for aphids. They are multiplying by the gazillions. Here they are feeding on the tender growth of my viburnum. If you really want an up close view of the critters, click on the pictures.
For such a little critter they can do a lot of damage. They are vampires of the insect world. With their sucking mouth parts they feast on plant fluids. A few aphids don't cause much damage, but a large mass of them will cause leaves to curl, turn yellow or distort.
Aphids leave a sticky substance called honeydew, which ants enjoy dining on. In some cases ants will herd aphids so they can collect and feast on the honeydew.
There are lots of cousins to this aphid and like cousins they do not look alike. If you notice something happening to the leaves of your tree or plant take a closer look and check for aphids. Parasitic wasps, lady beetles, lacewings and syrphid flies can help you in your battle against these little suckers. Mom

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  1. Do yours all do a little dance at once?
    Ours do, don't know why.
    We are getting scale on our cacti too this year, don't know why on that either.