Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saying goodbye

to daily paper news, hello to online news. I didn't think much about newspapers as we know them when the Rocky Mountain News quit publishing and I read today that Seattle PI 's last issue is today. When I was growing up we got the Seattle PI on the weekends. I read the five to six pages of comics every Sunday. It is sad to see it go. BUT in our local daily newspaper on Monday the editor had an article saying they are cutting down on publishing some comics, daily local doings, no more daily TV guide and several columns will be discontinued. For those of us who really enjoy the comics we have to go to the website to read them. I am thankful that the crossword puzzle and the sudoku puzzle are still being published. It just isn't the same drinking coffee and reading the paper on line. It took years to get the paper folded in just the right position to read and drink at the same time. Time marches on. Grandmother

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