Friday, March 27, 2009

In the Nick of Time

Yesterday I just beat the storm. I flew out of DIA in the morning when the snow was starting to get bad. The forecast was that this would be the snowstorm that we had been waiting for all winter. It had to come sooner or later...everyone knew that. We waited for it in December, then sign of it and then March, our biggest snow month. The beginning of the month, middle and it looked like March was going to head out with its tail between its legs. 70 degree temps, buds beginning to swell, bulbs popping their heads up to have a look around. We started to think that this was going to end as the driest winter on record. Our summer would be shaded by tones of brown, instead of green and then it hit. My plane got out but there were many others that didn't. For once it was warmer and nicer in Chicago than in Denver...that doesn't happen very often. Oh well, we needed the moisture! Mom

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