Friday, March 13, 2009

I have an itchy

green thumb. With all the sunshine and warmer temperatures my thumb is twitching. We planted tomato seeds and now that they have spouted and have some leaves I am looking for peat pots to transplant them. We are going to plant more vegetables this year and have been getting the beds ready. When I was growing up we had "Victory Gardens" during the war years. My folks and grandparents had huge gardens. In the summer time we spent the mornings pulling weeds and watering. When the potatoes got leaves it was our job to pick off the potato bugs. My mother canned beans, peas, carrots and beets. She very seldom bought store canned vegetables. I enjoy the fresh veggies but am not ambitious enough to raise enough to go into the processing end, maybe I will freeze some and dry some tomatoes but when I think about the days my Mother slaved over a hot stove putting up quarts of veggies I get tired. Grandmother


  1. I'm holding out till next weekend for this sale...

    We planted our root veggies on Sunday, and our bananas have begun to bloom.

  2. I'm so excited for our vegetable garden this year. Will is taking the lead (I've killed every green thing I ever owned) but I'd like to experiment with canning (of course I will bring home a temperature probe and pH meter from work to be safe!)