Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Cursed Quilt

This quilt was cursed both literally and figuratively. This miniature wallhanging turned out to be a major headache...who would have thought it?! I figured, "Hey a minature will be less time and go together fast." WRONG!! Making those tiny points wasn't exactly easy...that's when the literal cursing came in. Once I got the squares made and sewn together, I figured I had hit the home stretch...that's when the figurative curse happened. I made a big mistake of using a basting spray to hold the layers together instead of the traditional, easy, right? NOPE! I was okay at first sewing the quilting design, but then I ran out of thread. I figured I had enough to make it through, but since spools of thread don't come with digital readings of how much is left you don't really know for sure. Well do you think I could find that type of thread anywhere in town? NOPE! So I picked up a YLI that seemed the same weight and matched the color. I don't know what the trick to that thread is, but the curse of the quilt made that thread skip and break, skip and break until I was cursing picking out the stitches. This time I went into another quilt store where they recommended a Mettler thread. Went home and tried that..SAME THING...skip, break, curse, skip, break, curse. About this time I figured it was that dang basting spray that was causing the trouble so I gave the wallhanging a good washing, figuring that would get the spray out. Tried again but it was the same old chorus! Totally frustrated I called my sewing machine shop and pleaded for them to help me. They said to bring in the quilt and my machine and they would have a look. Of course the magic cure was a new needle made for Viking machines that has a square eye which supposedly allows the thread to flow through with less friction...that and to loosen the tension for the presser foot to zero...gee, good to know that! Anyway a little smarter and a few dollars poorer the free motion quilting seemed to be free of the curse. That is until I got home. The curse just had to get me one last time...but after that final skip and break I got the #@!** thing done! Mom

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  1. I think your brave to even try that.
    Quiltinf is just to exact an art for me.