Monday, November 17, 2008

Bring It On!

Those are the words my husband blurted when his staff challenged that they would swamp him with food donations. It all started during the local food drive that the office was collecting food items for. My husband offered to match the total donations for one day can for can. Naturally some of his staff couldn't resist quips like "I have a trunk full of items and I think I will donate them all.
Well when faced with a challenge like that quite naturally the first words my husband would utter were "bring it on". Well bring it on they did. In one day after all was said and done the staff had donated 369 food items. 369 cans and boxes of food didn't fill up the truck...thank goodness for that, but it still amounted to a heck of a lot of food. Even though it was all done in the spirit of competition, the highlight is that the food centers around the area will have that much more to distribute to those who are facing extreme hardships and won't be sitting down to a table groaning from the weight of a Thanksgiving feast. It doesn't hurt to remember that we don't need to stuff ourselves and that if we just get what we need for a meal and not go overboard, then there will be plenty left over to help out those who are struggling. Mom

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