Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am taking a moment

of silence to get ready for the passing of TV's rabbit ears and outside antennas. In February of 2009 all TV goes digital. This means that if you use rabbit ears or outside antennas your TV will be black, no picture at all and you will have to invest in a converter box.

My folks got their first TV in March of 1954 complete with rabbit ears. We only had one station to watch and at times metal hangers hung from them to get a clearer picture, sometimes a sheet of aluminum foil hanging from them did the job. There were times when one person watched the picture and shouted to another person, "a little to the left, no back to the right, try it again". In later years an outside antenna was placed on the roof, which made it more difficult for two people to get a good picture, another person was called in to relay messages to the rooftop adjuster. It seemed that when there was a ball game on, the TV became blurry and out of focus.

We lived on a ranch in Montana so there was no cable but satellite dishes became popular for these remote areas. I wonder if you will find rabbit ears and antennas in the antique stores soon. Grandmother

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