Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Walk In The Garden

After having been gone for a few days I returned and perused my garden to find thistle and bindweed having a heyday. Things could be looking better. Although I love my little shrubby roses they aren't living up to their genre of "Carefree". The aphids evidently have found them as delightful as I have. Where are the ladybug larvae when you need them? Not finding any I gave the shrub roses a good hosing with a spray of water to knock off the aphids.

The tea roses are always prima donnas requiring attention and primping. They are showing signs of chlorosis from being neglected. The soil in my yard is clay in its finest and although there is iron present it is not in a form that can be taken up by the plants. A good fertilizing should get these beauties back to pageant form soon.

Deadheading resulted in a pile of lovely blossoms. The roses are one plant that has blooms which look good fanned out on the ground, the carpet, a bed.... Mom


  1. We just got some yummy smelling stuff called Flower Pharm that's organic.

    otherwise we use soapy water for aphids.