Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear old Dad

My Dad was one of a kind. He was a great teacher, full of love, easy to laugh and a kind person. My Mother always left the disciplining up to him. He would give me a chance to defend myself but if he felt I was not behaving myself he would roll up a magazine and give me a swat. It didn't hurt but I always yelled and cried. Sundays were a day of fun, in the summer time picnics, in the winter trips to Grandparents, big Sunday dinners and games. Scrabble and cribbage were his favorites and I tried hard to beat him. It took years to out play him and there were a couple of times I won but I often he think he let me win. He taught me to ride a horse and to drive a truck. I think his hair got grayer during those times. During the last years of his life he came to live with us. This was an adventure and again a learning time. We were fortunate to have him with us as we really got to know him and enjoy his wisdom and love. I think of him often when I need a hug. Happy Father's Day to all Fathers. Grandmother

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