Monday, April 28, 2008

Sew Talented...

When I was younger, I was known for being headstrong--doing what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. Needless to say this caused many disagreements between my mom and I, one of which was the battle over learning to sew and cook. The last thing I wanted to do at the age of 13 was become domesticated. I refused to sit with my head bent over a needle and thread, and I certainly stayed clear of the kitchen anytime my mom was offering cooking lessons.

Now at the age of 24, it's hard for my mom and grandmother to believe that I just took a sewing class. I think my mom asked me to repeat myself when I first told her, as I'm sure she couldn't imagine that little girl who used to pitch a fit to avoid a sewing lesson actually sewing.

During my first project, a small pillow with a zipper, I found that I'm not the best with a thread and needle as I pricked myself about 15 times. Plus, I'm sure all my classmates thought I was incredibly unfriendly during the class as I said close to nothing because it took all my concentration to work on my project and I really couldn't afford to be distracted for fear that I would ram the needle right through my finger.

At one point during the four-hour class, I almost gave myself a heart attack. We were finishing the zipper on our pillows and I went to unzip mine and literally my heart stopped and my cheeks flushed because I had sewn the zipper together. In my head I kept saying "stupid Lindsay" over and over again, and at the moment I was deciding between leaving or fessing up the instructor came by and simply told me to unstitch the stitching. Apparently we were supposed to sew the zipper together and I got myself all worked up for nothing!

Needless to say I'm not sure I'm cut out for sewing, but believe it or not I'm not ready to give up yet. I'm planning on taking the tote bag class and the apron class. Surprisingly it will take more than a few pin pricks to turn me off to sewing!

FYI: Look for a photo of my pillow in the near future! Daughter

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