Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hook, Line But No Sinker

Hubby and I finally got out flyfishing. We took a couple of days and enjoyed the scenery at one of our favorite streams. The weather was great which is important since I am a fair weather flyfisher. As usual Hubby was hooking fish right and left and I was standing with my line catching twigs, moss...everything but fish. I finally got annoyed with watching him reel them in and headed upstream and out of sight of him. That was when I hooked this beauty. I never fish with a net so wading back to the bank with the fish in tow was a bit of a trick. I managed to get on stable ground and took off my backpack and got the camera out with one-hand. Of course at that time the fish decided to start flipping madly around. I told it to stop thrashing and let me take its picture and it could be on its way. That's when I got this shot. True to my word I released the hook and the fish took off glad to be rid of me, the camera and the hook! Mom

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