Friday, April 25, 2008

Rusty trees

Driving through the mountains in Colorado the pine trees have a rusty look to them. This was the front page article in our daily newspaper yesterday. The article caught my eye when I picked up the paper and started to shake off the beetles. After closer inspection the beetles were printed on the article. When my husband saw the paper he shouted "we've got bugs!" I assured him they were "printed beetles."

The beetle infestation has multiplied due to global warming making climate changes. Not only have the fir trees been invaded but now aspen trees have been taken over with a fungus, two bark beetles and two wood-boring beetles. These die offs are not good, as the dead trees decay and slowly release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which can lead to more climate changes.

It is amazing what you can learn when the onslaught of beetles bring your attention to the information. Grandmother

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  1. I know I have leaf curl on my regular (non peach) trees, and I can find no reference to why anywhere on line, things are getting funky.