Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Such a Great Feeling!

Yesterday my husband and I participated in a program to plant trees for the elderly and disabled in their yards. Most of the people were so appreciative and ecstatic to be getting a tree or two in their yard, but the first house we went to made an impression on us. A group of 9 of us drove up to the house and met the owner. Chris came rolling out in his motorized wheelchair. He was a very pleasant and talkative fellow and we learned that he had served in Iraq and was a medic in the Marines. He was pulling a fellow Marine out of a danger when he was shot in the back in 2004.
While we planted his three trees he kept telling us how thankful he was, but we were the one thanking him and we couldn't thank him enough. He gave to serve our country in a war that is currently unpopular and came home a totally different person, but he has such a positive outlook and says he is just glad he is alive that if any of us had any complaints that morning they quickly disappeared. I just hope that his trees grow and that he can sit and enjoy the shade, because if anyone has earned that privilege it is him! Mom

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