Saturday, April 19, 2008

Are we good stewards

of Mother Earth? This Saturday was Earth Day here in Western Colorado. At the county fairgrounds several local green businesses strutted their products and made us aware of what is happening by thinking "green". Several booths peaked my interest with organic clothing, organic fertilizer, solar heating and cloth diapers. Now when my kids were babies we used cloth diapers. Memories of washing and drying them came back. Often times when we didn't have a dry diaper we resorted to using dish towels. Of course the towels were cloth and soft and handy. In today's society we have diaper services. They use cloth diapers, pick them up to launder and deliver right to your door, no commercial diapers for the land fill.

The organic fertilizer is made from 100 percent certified organic material and has no toxic, poisonous herbicides or pesticides. When you think of all the toxic fertilizers and pesticides that end up in our water supply I think that organic fertilizer has a great potential. With natural gas prices going up each year the advantage of solar heating looks good. The panels are attractive and blend into the roof line. The cost of installing solar panels is expensive but in the long run will probably pay for itself. I have been using cloth grocery bags for some time now and find them more convenient. They hold more and are stronger. Some grocery stores give you a rebate for using them and no plastic sacks littering the land fill. Let's help protect Mother Earth and think "green". Grandmother

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