Thursday, April 17, 2008

They're back!!!!

Every morning we take our dog "Smokey" for a walk on the river trail beside the Colorado River and we have been watching for the Great Blue Herons. These stately bird are LARGE. They range from 36 to 54 inches in height and can have a wing span of 71 inches. While they are fishing in the river they watch you walk along the path and if spooked take off majestically into the sky. We were concerned for them as they have taken out the Tamarisk along the river and have left the area exposed. Herons like to nest in high trees away from people. The sky around our area is often dotted with other species of birds. Lately we have been watching 9 Turkey Vultures circling near the river. Our bird feeders are filled waiting for the wrens, chickadees, sparrows and of course we are often awakened by the song from the robin on the branch outside our bedroom window. Grandmother

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