Monday, March 10, 2008

We Do Not Like Wii.

My husband got a text message Sunday from one of his co-workers that Best Buy finally had the infamous Nintendo Wii. Now Nate has literally been calling Circuit City, Best Buy and Gamestop every week just to find one. So on Sunday we trucked up to Best Buy and what do you know they had a Wii AND the long-desired Guitar Hero, literally Nate's dreams come true. Now I thought I was excited to finally have the Wii, but then I found out I hate it. It literally almost brought me to tears on Sunday. If you know anything about Guitar Hero, you know that you are supposed to feel like a rock star. No, not me. I felt like the biggest loser.

For those who are not familiar with Guitar Hero, you have a guitar and you have to hit the notes right to advance to the next level. Sounds easy, but really it's not. It basically just reminded me how totally inept I am at finding rhythm, singing, and playing instruments. I spent the first half of the morning trying to beat the first level, while Nate sped on to the 11th and 12th levels. He finally pried the guitar from my hands and I proceeded out of the room kicking pillows with tears in my eyes. It literally was a flashback to my tantrum days and all Nate could do was laugh. Needless to say if you can't sing, dance, hum a tune, whistle, or walk in a straight line, this game is not for you. I will just plan on sticking with plain old Mario thank you very much. Daughter.

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