Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well I guess since I have played tag the longest it goes to show I am the last one to be "it". Ten years ago I was living in Salt Lake City, we decided to look for some place smaller to call home. We traveled Idaho, Oregon and Colorado. We kept coming back to the west slope of Colorado and decided we wanted to live there.

My today's "to do" list included, getting out of bed after sleeping in, bid farewell to my daughter who had spent time with us, get groceries, return "chick flick" movies and take a nap. After doing those chores I will snack on trail mix, red twizzlers, peeps and some fruit.

Since I don't think I will ever become a billionaire I can't muddle my brain with all those dollars and can't waste valuable time considering what I would do. I have to spend time on my bad habits of working every crossword puzzle I come across, picking my nose and popping gum.

I have lived in Montana, Utah and Colorado. Montana is great in the summer, not a very accommodating place in the winter. Utah is a very interesting state with all the national parks and state parks. The climate on the west slope of Colorado is great.

My first job was baby sitting, then I wrapped butter in a creamery during the summers while I was in high school, after graduation from high school I worked for a car dealership and finally went to work for an insurance company and remained with the same company until I retired. My most important job was that of Mother. I have three wonderful children and they in turn have given me four great grandchildren. My life has been one filled with excitement, challenges, joy, tears and gratitude. Grandmother

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