Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My New Wheels

I like my new bike! I originally wanted to get one of the new Trek cruisers because they so remind me of my bike when I was a kid. I had a Schwinn that was cream and green colored and the coolest thing was that my initials, JED, were on the front fender because my Grandpa had painted them there. Actually they weren't originally my initials...they were my aunt's initials because I got the bike as a hand-me-down from her. Luckily we shared the same initials. I loved that bike...even though I had some close calls on it, like the time I was riding home from swim team practice and some yapping little dog decided to attack my feet while I was pedaling. As I was focused on trying to shake the dog off of my pant leg I ran smack into a parked car. My basket ended up taking most of the impact luckily because in those days we didn't have helmets.
Anyway a cruiser would have been cool but when I went biking with my husband I would have had to pedal 3 times faster to try to keep up with him so I opted for this hot rod. Now I just have to get the cool biking shorts and biking shirt and biking shoes...sigh, biking was a lot easier and cheaper when I was a kid! Mom


  1. That cream & green bike, of which I was teased of being really spoiled because I was the only of my siblings to recieve such an expensive bike. I put lots of miles on it. Going to day camp across the Missouri river, swimming lessons at the "Nat", the Mitchell and YMCA,plus all over the city and Black Eagle. After niece out grew it,schwinn was brought to
    WA state, of which my youngest daughter put more mileage on it. She also broke her arm, from riding with a friend on the hamdle bars. I believe the shwinn was tired,and did not like two riding it. Daughter out grew the shwinn, which a nieghbor asked if they could "borrow the schwinn", their daughter learned how to ride a bike on it. Once she out grew the schwinn,a family of many children asked if the could" borrow " the schwinn, so some of their children would have something to ride around the country road we lived on. Each time I saw my cream and green schwinn, I would think of that expensive gift, that lovingly was painted with my intials and given to me on my 8th Birthday, touching a lot of lives,over 30 years.

  2. I forgot to mention, that the lovingly hands that painted the JED on the cream & green bike,his intials were also JED passed down from his Grandfather. I counted all the grandnieces and nephews, and believe that "Mom" was the last of the clan with the JED intials.
    Funny how after a couple of generations, we forget to remember to pass on all these story's.I regret today, that I did not listen closer to some of my Mother & Fathers story's ! Wonder what the 3rd and 4th gerneration will have to pass on?

  3. Wow, that was the bike that kept on giving. I was wondering what happened to it. It is good to know that so many others enjoyed it for so long!