Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Time

It was a beautiful day here Sunday. The kids in the neighborhood were out looking for Easter eggs. They were laughing, squealing and giggling when they found an egg. I remember Easter egg hunts in the snow and the kids shivering, running and stopping after just a few eggs. Come to think about it, we didn't have many sunny Easters, not unless Easter came late in April. That's Montana for you.

Did you know that Easter this year was the earliest it will ever be in your lifetime and the only time it will happen unless you are over 95 years old. I really like the plastic eggs they use now , filled with candy and other surprises. Hard boiled eggs last forever and you can only eat so many of them. We lived on a ranch so we had a lot of eggs and you got them every day.

A dozen eggs today cost over $1.50 so it seems to me it can get expensive. The commercial dyes today are not like the ones we used to use. You dyed eggs in beet juice, onion skins, dandelion greens to get colored eggs. It was almost a whole day spent on eggs. Ah, the good old days. Happy Easter. Grandmother

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