Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why I gave up bike riding!

I was more at home on a horse than a bike. I didn't get a bike until I was in my 40's. Sometimes I rode the kids' bikes but not very often. My first accident was on a 10 speed bike that was brand new and wasn't even mine. It was my daughter-in-law's bike. I was the first one to ride it and when I did a "uie" in the middle of the road I misjudged the edge and went down the ash strewn, broken glass, rocky embankment and stopped after turning a summersault and landing on the railroad tracks. I had to buy a new wheel and did not make points with my daughter-in-law. The new bike was scratched up.

The next accident I had was in Salt Lake City in our neighborhood. Riding in the street close by the house I ran into a parked car. Not only did I damage the neighbor's car, I demolished the bike. I decided then to turn in my helmet and stick to driving. Glad to know my kids know how to ride bikes. Grandmother

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