Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is going to happen

to Barbie? I read in the paper that Barbie is in trouble. Not only was she caught up in the recall of toys tainted with lead paint but her sales are 15 percent below for 2007. This was my daughter's favorite doll. She played dress up Barbie with clothes that were made by her aunts and myself. Barbie had gowns, dresses, swim suits, casual clothes and night gowns. She was devasted when her little brother flushed Barbie's head down the toliet. I wrote to Mattel and asked how I could purchase a new head. The company sent us a new doll.

The drop in sales is due to competition of other dolls and also the studies show that young girls are on the computer up to seven hours a week playing games, socializing and playing with toys such as Webkinz. The study also found that children start playing with the computer at age 5 1/2. Is this going to be the fade out of that beautiful blond doll? Grandmother

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  1. reference to poor Barbie,having 2 grand daughters, ages 10 & 8, their request now is for clothes and playhouse ect. for their "american girl". Which by the way is not cheap to clothe, ect. Our 20 yr. old granddaughter collected "Barbies" while she was growing up, and the last "collection Barbie" we purchased for her set Grands back to the tune of $130.00. That was in the early 90's. Could be they priced Barbie out of business. American girl,prices are not cheap, but hey we think were getting a bigger deal because the doll is bigger, and she can somewhat resemble the girl your buying her for. Aren't we Grands big suckers!