Friday, February 1, 2008

The poor get poorer

When I was around 6 years old my parents bought a new house on 16th Ave. in Great Falls, MT. Setting out to explore the new neighborhood I ran into another girl, Roxanne, who was my age and living on the same street. The house between our homes was in the process of being built so we amused ourselves by playing with the empty paint cans, the dirt and some water. We made mud cakes, mud cookies, mud pies galore. While we were quite talented in our "baking" efforts we didn't sample our products. We knew better than to eat dirt. Nobody eats dirt!

A few days ago I read a story that has been haunting me. It related the dire circumstances in Haiti now. The cost of food has risen 40% and has gotten so expensive that the poor are resorting to eating dirt. They are making cookies out of the dirt, salt and shortening and eating them to stave off hunger, even though they know the dirt cookies are not good for them.

No one should have to eat dirt....ever! Charities helping the poor in Haiti: Hands Together, Saint Boniface Haiti Foundation, Hope for Haiti and the one made famous in the book "Mountains beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder, Partners in Health. To check out the validity of a charity go to Mom

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