Friday, February 1, 2008

"Free" Money

So today I was reading Business Week (yes Mom I was actually reading the news) and there's an article titled "The Bailout: Looking for a Quick Fix." Obviously it's about the Bush Administration's fiscal stimulus package. The article makes the point that if Bush were to put the $145 billion stimulus package toward business incentives or public works investments, he would be creating jobs, which would be crucial if we head into a serious recession. Instead Bush's plan is to give tax rebates of $800 to an individual and $1600 to a couple. This will bail the economy out of it's situation for 2008, but then the economy will probably flat line again in 2009 and we'll be back where we started. Now isn't that interesting, how that coincides with the start of a new president's tenure? Maybe Bush is hoping to create a facade of a "good" economy, but then it will all come falling down when the new president takes office. Just a thought. Anyway,
everyone my age I've talked to is readily accepting of Bush's plan as it means more dough in their pocket. I think that illustrates that a lot of people are seeing the dollar signs and not thinking hard about the consequences of this "free" money. Like my mom and grandma I too am a skeptic. Daughter

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