Friday, February 29, 2008

The New Math

OK I already confessed that I am math challenged but yesterday I ran across the strangest brainteaser. Three weary business travelers stop at a hotel for the night. The hotel clerk explains that they only have one room left and it's $30 per night. Each of the three men gives the clerk $10. Later the hotel clerk realizes that she has overcharged the men because the room is only $25 per night when it is shared. The clerk gives the bellhop $5 and tells him to take it back to the weary travelers. On the way to the room the bellhop decides to pocket $2. He proceeds to the room and returns one dollar to each of the three travelers. At this point each traveler has paid $9 for his room for a total of $27. The bellhop has $2 for a total of $29. Where did the other dollar go?

My brain on math: OK let's see the clerk says there is a room for $30...what?? what kind of hotel charges only $30 for a room? Three men pay $10 each for the room...whoa? does anyone else think this weird? Now the clerk realizes that the room is only $25 because there are 3 men in it...really? again, what kind of hotel is this? The clerk gives the bellhop $5...what kind of hotel charges only $30 for a room AND has a bellhop? The bellhop pockets $2...see what I am talking about? I wouldn't stay at this hotel!

Good thing I didn't major in accounting!! Mom

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