Sunday, March 2, 2008

True and Faithful

This is Brandi, my mother-in-law's dog. She died last Thursday and I will miss seeing her when we visit my mother-in-law. She was a great dog. When we went to visit she would come to the stairs to greet us, jump and bark as if to say, "So, glad to see you!"

Her manners were refined; she never jumped on people, licked them or begged. Her expressions and eyes spoke a million words. Her most favorite activity was getting to go for a ride. It never mattered to her what the destination was. In her mind the ride was the best part.

She never complained, even as her joints grew stiff. In fact she was forever a puppy at heart. Even when it was hard to move she would do her "circle dance" without reservation to express her happiness. One couldn't help but smile when Brandi was around.

She never asked for much and was content to receive a rub on the head and a dog biscuit on occasion. She was a true and faithful companion to my mother-in-law. A one-of-a-kind dog. She will be missed! Mom

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  1. Myrna would say "time to get ready for bed" and Brandi would come over to get her collar off. I guess in a sense it was like putting her pajamas on.

    Myrna's loss of Brandi is also a family loss and we will miss her...
    -Love, Craig