Thursday, February 14, 2008

I will take that dare...

Now this dog may look cute, docile and friendly from the picture, but what you are really looking at is a miniature monster. This dog and I have never been friends. In fact to this day, when he jumps on my lap I cringe not knowing if he is going to try and bite me or growl at me. Don't get me wrong, I truly am a dog lover and have always wanted one myself, but I will never, ever get a schnauzer.

I distinctly remember the day I met Smokey when I was 8-years-old and so excited to have a miniature playmate at my grandparents house. I loved Smokey, I held him and played with him, and chased him around like any young child would do. But then Smokey stopped liking me and every time I came around he would growl and try to attack my face and eventually sunk his sharp puppy teeth into my hand. To make matters worse, my uncle insisted that Smokey sleep in the bed with me and I was literally terrified that he would eat my face or something. So every time Smokey inched toward me, I would inch toward the other side of the bed until finally there was no room left. Then I would get up circle the bed and get in on the other side. This little dance happened practically all night and I got no sleep. Anyway to this day the dog growls at me anytime I try to hug my grandmother, or walk in the door, or move a finger. He strongly dislikes me and I have to say the feeling is mutual.

The only redeeming thing about Smokey is that my grandparents love him and he keeps them entertained, but then again I do that too! Daughter.

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