Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hooray for females

The 2008 Western Slope Science Fair was held recently and I was impressed with the number of females from middle school and high school entries. When it came to science and math I was not among the high achievers in either junior high or senior high. Math to me was just the combination of numbers and I never did get the gist of algebra or geometry. Science did not interest me due to the uninspiring classes. The young women's showings in the recent science fair ranged from a project demonstrating how a semitrailer using a regenerative braking system could generate enough electricity to power a small town for one day to a young woman using her fashion sense to trigger responses from the public. Now where did these young women find their projects to explore? Did they give up playing with Barbies and use their intellect to see outside the box? Women have come a long way, today we have a female wanting to be president of the United States, we have women in high positions and we have instructors wanting to inspire females to think outside the box. Way to go!!!!Grandmother

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