Monday, February 25, 2008

Do you see what I see?

After being gone for a week, I arrived home to find my cyclamen is a state of distress. Her poor flowers and leaves were drooping pitifully over the pot and I swear I could hear faint gasps of "Water, water." I turned to my husband and demanded why he didn't give any water to the plant. His eyes opened wide in astonishment and he said, "I didn't see it." WHAT??!! How could he not see the drooping plant sitting in plain view. You could only miss it if you were blind!

I am completely bewildered since this comes from a man who can spot the tip of an elk's antler camouflaged by trees from miles away. More than once I have accused him of pretending to see an elk when I have scoured the countryside and didn't see anything. How can he see part of an elk in a forest when he can't even see a plant needing water in the middle of the kitchen counter?? Since there is no plausible explanation for this "man-phenomenon", I have realized that the next time I leave there is no other option but to place an antler on my plant pot. Maybe then I will come home to find a watered, healthy plant. Mom

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  1. "Selective Sight",, and "Selective Hearing",, are two of "man's" best qualities!
    - Craig