Monday, February 4, 2008

Football shows up for the Super Bowl

My husband views the Super Bowl as one of the top 3 holidays to be celebrated. I, on the other hand, have never been much of a football fan. Since I have been drug into Super Bowl celebrations, there have been different highlights for me. In the late 70's when we were first married we gathered with a group of friends in Milwaukee to watch the game and the highlight was the food. Everyone brought a dish to compliment the star, roasted turkey. It was a feast that rivaled anything served up for Thanksgiving and I spent the game relishing the food.

In 1987 we were living in Virginia and had a Super Bowl party at our house. Since our son was a Broncos fan through and through we painted a big "Go Broncos" sign and put it on the garage. One of the highlights for that game was picking "squares". You know the game...a grid is drawn up with squares and numbers are selected with one side being one team and the other side being the other team. Players pay for their name to be placed in a square and then the winner is determined by the score at the 1st quarter, halftime, 3rd quarter and the end of the game. Our then six-year-old son was placed in charge of collecting the money for the squares. He was having a great time until the 1st quarter ended and he discovered that he had to pay the money out to the winner. For some reason he thought that he could keep the money he had collected. I guess the game never got fully explained to him. He spent the majority of the game up in his room crying and then to add salt to the wound the Broncos ended up losing.

For other games the highlights have been the ads or the half-time show. But last night I have to admit that the highlight was the football game. Even for this non-football fan I enjoyed the game. Both teams showed up to play and it was a good contest. It was good, wholesome competition and probably the first game I have really watched over all of the years! Mom

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