Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Day

Here in western Colorado we haven't had a snow day for the last 20 years. Yesterday they declared a "snow day." This is a desert area with cacti, rabbit brush and sage brush and little moisture. The snow fall in our area was 4 to 5 inches with some areas receiving 12 to 15 inches. The sun came out and it was a winter wonderland but by 3:00 o'clock the snow was gone. Kids of all ages were on the hills sleighing, skiing and snow boarding. You could hear the shrieks of joy, laughter and some shouts. They were celebrating the "snow day" and enjoying the fresh air. It was good to watch them slide down the hill and trudge back up time after time. It brought back memories of living in Montana and having an unexpected "snow day" dragging out sleds, cardboard and scoop shovels, the smell of fresh bread and the taste of hot cocoa when we came in from the cold. Grandmother


  1. Brrrr.. I too remember those cold Montana days. Remembering one day when I was about 5years old,with 2friends, Karen, Butch,and cousin Paul. The two boys were youger. We ventured down the alley,with layers of clothes on, to check out the water main that had broke,and froze into chunks of ice. But, we did not find that dangerous,just lots of fun to slide on. Till cousin, fell down,splitting his head open. Did we leave,no !! Too much fun to leave, so Karen and I, between sliding, put snow on cousins head. We decided to take him home, because he was "being such a baby". We didn't notice his red snow suit was covered in blood. Mother sure did, after screaming and running to neighbors to use phone to call Daddy.To take cousin to hospital for stitches. Meanwhile I had to wait to see if cousin was dying or how much trouble I was in. Seeming like hours, in my 5yr old mind, cousin came home with eight stitches, I was given "a talk" from Daddy, believe me I think I would have prefered the stitches or a whipping then that talk from my Daddy! autie je

  2. That story is hilarious. I sure did laugh while reading it!