Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

The other day after talking on the cell phone with Mom and Dad, I got to thinking about the things we put on our ears. I usually talk to them using the ear clip piece so I can do other things. My ear piece is the older version so it isn't quite as chunky as the ear phones...have you seen those things! It looks like a huge dragonfly has latched onto your ear and is hanging on for dear life. I have trouble with my little ear piece hurting my ear so I can't imagine what those ear phones feel like.

Our glasses rest not only on our noses but also on our ears. They used to make glasses called Pince-Nez which don't have the ear stems, but it is hard to make those into fashion statements and people with little noses have a dickens of a time keeping them on.

Yesterday I watched the minister clip on a little microphone that was hooked over her ear. Singers have microphones that they hang on their ears also. Wonder what we would have invented if our ears had been plastered flat against our heads???

For ages women have decorated their ears with earrings. I have a niece who has at least 20 piercings along the outer rim of her ear with earrings in all the holes. There is a new show called "Cashmere Mafia" and those women have set a whole new tone for earring jewelry. Oh my goodness! But I think that the most original earring jewelry I ever saw, was when Daughter was 3 years old and having an affinity for jewelry of all kinds she began wearing canning jar rings on her ears. It was her version of the gold hooped earring and it certainly was quite a fashion statement! Mom

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