Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are you registered?

This is an important year. We are going to elect a new president. I was impressed with the number of young people in Iowa and New Hampshire turning out and voicing their support for the candidates. It is about time that the younger voters get involved and make their vote count. My generation has not left this country in the best condition. Not only is registration important but now the way we vote is being questioned. In our state the Secretary of State has decertified voting machines in several counties. There has been a lot of publicity about voting machines and their accuracy. It leaves one with the question, Will my vote be counted? If the machines do not get recertified, they will be using paper ballots. Just think of the lines and the time waiting to get to the booth and fill out the paper ballot. Now my generation remembers paper ballots, standing, visiting and wishing people would hurry up. People that work will not have the luxury of standing in line, the polls may close and people won't get to vote. No matter what type of ballot we have to use, Get Out There And Vote!! Grandma

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