Monday, January 14, 2008

Support the locals

Glad you guys questioned the importing of food and other products. FYI if you want to buy something grown in the US, one sure way to do that is to support CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. Interestingly enough this concept was started 30 years ago in Japan, because people were growing alarmed at the increasing importation of food and the decreasing number of farms. (Does this sound familiar?) The US latched onto the concept in 1985.

Anyway by joining a CSA you are paying for a yearly membership with a farm and the produce that they grow will be divided among all of the members. There is a specific time and day of the week for members to pick up their produce. Keep in mind that the selection will not be that of the grocery store, so no oranges, kiwis, mangoes!

If a CSA isn't for you then keep in mind that you can support local produce growers by attending the farmers market during the growing months.

You know Grandma, this wasn't such a problem when you had your own big garden! Mom

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