Saturday, June 7, 2014

Canadian Bacon and Asparagus Pizza

This pizza is gotta try it! With asparagus so abundant this time of year you don't have a reason not to make it. This is a pizza that is good baked in the oven or thrown on the grill for those al fresco summer night meals. It is even company worthy! So no excuses give it a try.

You can use your favorite dough recipe. I like Wolfgang Puck's pizza crust recipe. It is a no fail crust and tastes yummy every time.

I like a thinner, crispier crust but you can make yours whatever thickness you prefer....just allow a little longer baking time to cook the crust all the way through. After deflating the dough allow it time to rest so it doesn't keep shrinking up on you as you stretch it to your desired size. If after resting it is still contracting, let it rest a little longer. You will find that the dough becomes easier to work with after it rests.

printable recipe

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